8 Tips For New Terraria Players

Terraria LogoI’ve been playing Terraria with my children since it came out in 2011 and it’s great to see that the game has reached a wider audience with it’s release on consoles. I have recently been playing it again on the Nintendo Switch with my son and have put together a list for new players to help them succeed in the world of Terraria.

I have come up with the 8 best ways to go from a novice to an adventure expert.

My Top 7 Tips For New Terraria Players

1. Build a shelter on the first day

The night time can be pretty challenging for new players as the mobs will start to spawn above ground and will be a lot more hostile at night.

Building a small shelter on day one can be done very quickly and will give you protection from the mobs when night approaches.

You don’t have to build a fancy shelter at the start. You only need a torch, chest and a bed.

Simply build a small wooden structure that has a door either side and has enough space for those 3 items. The idea is that you can expand as the days go on. You can either improve on your first build, leave it or allocate it to an NPC when they start to arrive at your village.

2. Build a workbench, furnace and anvil in your first shelter

A furnace and an anvil will allow you to craft most of the items that you will need in the early game. You will be able craft weapons, building materials and armour with just these two items so it’s a good idea to try and build them as quickly as possible.

The furnace allows you to smelt ores into bars that will allow you to build the anvil. A furnace costs 3 torches, 4 wood and 20 stone blocks. It will cost just 5 iron bars and the use of a workbench to create an anvil which then allows you to craft armour. Iron ores are one of the earliest resources you can find.

3. Use piggy banks and safes

You can buy a piggy bank from the trader and craft a safe later in the game. These are both great items for protecting your money. If you’re killed by an enemy you will lose your money and will have to go back to your last location and collect it again.

If you die often then this process can cause a lot of problems and greatly slow your world progress down. The best way to avoid this is to deposit the money you have earned on a daily basis.

If you are lucky enough to have more than one piggy bank you can have one in your inventory and leave when at home. Piggy banks, defender forges and safes all share the same designated inventory. This means you can have a larger amount of storage space and keep you items safe when you go adventuring.

4. Play on your own server

If you join another players server you will miss out on a lot of the learning process. Terraria is a game that lets you discover the world for yourself. There is very little help at the start and you’re expected to make it on your own. You can easily start a new game by generating a new world on the launch screen or you can rent a private server.

Cheapest Terraria Server Hosting Screenshot

Renting a private server allows you to use mods and change the game config. New players can also get support from server support when they rent privately so it’s great for new users that want to expand on their experience. Alternatively you can self host and work it out for yourself. If you want more information on choosing a server host check out my other article How to Choose a Terraria Server Hosting Company.

5. Take health potions with you

Advanced players suggest that it’s worth always carrying a stack of health potions in your inventory at all times. Potions will provide you with a quick health boost when you’re in danger and can be the difference between losing your gear and getting home safely.

Try to craft the highest level potions you can. As you progress your health will get larger and enemies get stronger so you will need to create higher tier potions to keep up with these changes.

6. Use special Items

There are loads of different special items and crafting stations in Terraria that offer plenty of weapon and armour bonuses.

The sharpening station will add extra damage to your weapons giving you the edge over boss battles.

The ammo box will give your range weapons and projectiles a boost for 10 minutes, this is similar to the crystal ball which gives a 10 minute buff to magic users including + 20 mana and plus 5% magic damage.

There are loads more buffs you can obtain but these are a few of the earliest ones you can buy from the NPCs. You can craft special weapons but they require a lot of late game materials.

7. Improve your speed

There are two early game items that can significantly improve your speed including swiftness potions and the “Hermes Boots” which can be found in chests or dropped by mobs. Hermes boots will double your speed when equipped and the effect lasts as long as you wear the boots.

Swiftness potions however only last for a short period so you will need to have plenty in your inventory if you want to continue fast traveling around the map.

You can also craft grappling hooks that allow you to climb through caves, over hills and around buildings quicker. The grappling hook can be made with three chains and one hook. Hooks can be obtained from skeleton mobs.

8. Activate the smart cursor

Advanced players will turn on the smart cursor when strip mining as this will allow you to mine and collect the materials quicker than doing it manually. This is fantastic if you have to grind for resources or you need to expand a tunnel network. If you would like to activate the smart cursor just press the left CTRL key.