How to Choose a Terraria Hosting Company

If you’re new to server hosting or want to switch your provider I recommend you read this guide.

I have put together this helpful article based on my experience shopping for Terraria game servers and thought I would share it to others so it may be of help.

I aim to highlight key areas that you should be considering before finalising your private hosting purchase.

Important Factors To Consider

Here I talk about the important factors such as pricing, data center location and additional company features you should look for on a game server hosting company’s website.

Starting price

The smallest priced package that I have found on the web is just under $8, which can be seen on my cheapest Terraria server hosting research article on the home page.

Cheapest Terraria Hosting Home Page

At this low cost it’s an incredible price for new players to get an 8 player server at a steal. The average price for a server that I have seen online is between $10 – $15 depending on the company you purchase it from.

A Terraria server doesn’t really require much resources to run which is why the game is reasonably cheap compared to many other open world sandbox games like Minecraft.

Monthly vs. yearly subscription

If you’re looking for even cheaper hosting deal you can get a discount on your total price by choosing to pay for the server annually.

Most hosts will offer anywhere between 5% and 20% discount so this may be worth considering if you plan to run a server for a long time.

I have also seen a 6 month option on some websites with up to 10% off.

Player capacity

Before setting up a server for your community you should first consider how many players are going to join your game. If you’re a casual gamer and you know that you’re only going to be playing with 1 – 10 players maybe you should consider hosting locally on your PC rather than renting a dedicated server.

Terraria Server Busy

Most PCs can easily run an un-modded Terraria server for up to ten players. However if you add mods and host more than ten players this is usually where problems start to occur.

I have seen some companies offer up to 100 player slots, but the average seems to be between 10 and 50.

Choosing a good server location

A good game hosting company isn’t the only thing you will need to consider when choosing a server, you will also need to consider where you want your game world to be located.

There are load of potential locations worldwide that you can rent a server in: America, Europe, Australia and even Asia.

Terraria Map

However, your location will have a major impact on your game world. It may seem exotic to host a game in Asia, but if you live in America you will suffer from bad latency because of the distance your connection will have to travel from the server to your computer.

Ideally you want to choose a company that has a data center as near as possible to you and your community.

Quick ping times will help speed the game up and avoid lag on your connection.

Hosting company features

When choosing a company you should also consider some non-technical factors that will have an impact on your experience.

When visiting a companies website be sure to check for the following to guarantee you are getting a good deal:

  • 24 Hour Support
  • Mod Installation
  • Friendly Staff
  • Positive reviews from the Terraria Community
  • Guaranteed DDoS Protection
  • Refund policy (at least 24 Hours)
  • Server migration
  • Upgrades on servers (If Required i.e RAM, CPU etc.)
  • Serve branding
  • Control panel
  • FTP access
  • Server and file backups
  • Company reputation and age

Does the console version have private server hosting?

Xbox One Terraria CoverIf you’re playing on Xbox or PS4 you won’t be able to rent private servers like the PC version. Sadly the console versions are much more limited and rely more on local play than playing over a private server.

You can of course choose to join the open communities on both Xbox and PS4 that will allow you to enter other peoples worlds but they will also be able to join your public world.

Your world however will only be locally hosted on your console so player’s can only access it when you are playing on your world.

Unlike private PC server hosting where your world is running 24/7 unless you decide to shut it down.

If you want a better experience I would suggest getting Terraria on PC rather than console because the modding is better, you can set up private servers and it’s a lot easier to connect and play with other players on PC.

The Terraria community on console is a lot smaller that the PC version meaning there are a lot less new players to play with.

The PC version also has a server list where you can easily access other players worlds by connecting via their IP. This is not the case on consoles.


In conclusion it’s fair to say that players that are planning to host a Terraria with more than 10 players on a modded server, should consider renting a private dedicated server.

The average price for a server is very affordable and there are plenty of hosting companies that are offering cheap packages which can be viewed on my cheapest Terraria server hosting tool on the home page.

Be sure to check hosting reviews and consider the additional features you are getting with each package before making your final purchase.