5 Best Terraria Server Mods

If you’re serious about modding your Terraria server you need to download “tModLoader.” It’s a mod that acts as a directory that allows you to search and install mods within it.

The tool is very useful and will make modding a lot easier for you.

You can find the best Terraria mods with tModloader, with 95% of mods being compatible with each other.

tModLoader Screen

However it’s worth downloading and testing mods one at a time as you may find that your computer or server will start to lag or crash if you’re running lots of mods at the same time.

Less than 3 mods at the same time is usually okay if you’re running a local server.

If you want to run a heavily modded server you will need to use a large amount of resources like RAM and CPU.

You can also rent a private dedicated Terraria server which will help you run a smooth modded world for less than $10.

If you’re interested in knowing more about rental servers check out the article “How to Choose a Terraria Server Hosting Provider.”

My Best Terraria Server Mods List

If you’re starting a fresh Terraria world here is a list of the best mods you should download through tModLoader.

1. Calamity Mod

Items Added By Calamity Mod For Terraria

If you want to add another 100 hours of content to your world you need to download the Calamity mod.

The mod adds over a hundred new enemy types, new loot, gear and crafting recipes and 20 brand new bosses that range in difficulty.

Some weapon balancing has also been added to throwing weapons which make them more powerful.

2. Super Terraria World

Super Terraria World

The Super Terraria World mod allows you to change Terraria into an RPG in which players have separate skills and abilities depending on their class.

You will meet new NPCs that have new dialogue and additional quests and items to sell.

If you want to experience Terraria in a different way this mod is a great addition to any server.

Please Note: Super Terraria World is very popular with the community and it has a dedicated team which continually updates the mod, fixes bugs and adds new content.

3. Boss Checklist

Boss Checklist Terraria Mod

If you’re playing Terraria on lots of different game worlds you may struggle to keep track of what bosses you have defeated.

With the Boss Checklist mod you can easily keep track of your progress with a no frills menu that will appear when you press it’s allocated hotkey.

Please Note: The boss checklist may not list bosses from all mods as some are not cross compatible.

4. Terraria Overhaul

Terraria Overhaul

Terraria Overhaul focuses on changing the standard mechanics of Terraria rather than adding new content and bosses.

All weapons have been overhauled and the same can be said about just about everything in this mod.

Movement has been greatly improved with the addition of a dodge roll, wall jump and wall roll making it easier to avoid enemies.

There are tons of tweaks that have been made which this summary can’t even come close to explaining.

You will need to download and experience first hand to see the awesome changes in this mod.

The game plays so different many have said it’s like playing something completely different.

5. Thorium

Included In Thorium Mod

Thorium is another mod that adds plenty of content including bosses, events and even a few new biomes.

The mod is similar to “Calamity” but tries to focus on giving the player fresh content throughout the adventure from start to finish, unlike calamity which adds content after the moon lord battle.

The main difference is the addition of two player classes which are the Bard and Healer.

Both roles have different abilities and help create an RPG based world.

Can you upload these Terraria Mods on console versions?

Xbox One Terraria CoverIf you’re playing Terraria on PS4, Xbox One or Nintendo Switch then sadly you will not be able to add mods as this feature still hasn’t been added to the console version.

Many players believe that mods may never be released on the console version due to the nature of the modding community.

Consoles have always struggled to add mods to popular console ports including ARK, Minecraft and Terraria but why is this?

Well, modding is usually done by the community and not by the publishers of the game, which means modders who create the files for free would need to also port their files to work on console which is very time consuming.

Most players who mod tend to be PC gamers, so what motivation would they have for creating a version of a mod they will never play.

We should also consider the PS4 trophies and Xbox Gamerscore mechanics which would be affected by mods.

If players were allowed to use mods they could easily cheat these mechanics and 100% the game easily.

So basically, you will need to play the PC version of Terraria if you want the modded experience as this is the only option.

It’s a shame that console players are not able to experience the mods listed in this article but hopefully in the near future this may change.