Set Up Your Own Terraria Server

If you play Terraria as much as me then you know its an awesome game to just chill out to.

Its not as intense as Minecraft and allows you to enjoy your experience a bit more, unless you want to go forth slaying monsters and such.

Though, much like Minecraft though it has multiplayer capabilities, turning the game into so much more of an experience.

If you have bought your Terraria through the Steam platform then great news! You can set your own private server up for free, which I show you how to do on this page.

Its super easy and doesn’t pose a risk to your computer or your network as it relies on the Steam network to manage ports etc.

There is a large downside to this method though, the host will need to keep connected online 24/7 in order for other players to join whenever they want.

To get around that you could just rent a server that’s live 24/7 for mere dollars per month.

How to setup a Terraria server on Steam

It all works around the built-in friends network inside the Steam desktop app (i’m assuming you have that installed if you are playing Terraria through Steam).

If you are going to be the host of the online Terraria session then follow the commands below to make it happen, it should take minutes to complete.

1. The main title screen

Fire up the Terraria game and get to the main title screen.