Why Terraria Is Better Than Minecraft

You cannot overlook the vast success of Minecraft and its popularity that has built a huge following over the last 11 years but Terraria is the better game in my opinion.

Yes Minecraft can be a world of fun, with a LEGO building quality without the risk of injury from waves of mobs!

Notch’s success with his creation is very deserved in game-play but Terraria is a compelling pixel art 2D sandbox game with in-depth character progression and plenty of loot to uncover and has a lot more to offer you when comparing the two!

Minecraft is pretty good don’t get me wrong…

So Minecraft is a fantastic game I won’t deny it, but the ability to explore and the flexibility of what you can create in Terraria is far greater than Minecraft.

Minecraft vs. Terraria

Each world you come across in Terraria is unique, so it will always be a nice surprise when you find a hidden chest or boss drop.

It has a robust crafting system making your creations limitless and a vast arsenal of armour and weaponry.

Terraria is filled with life. With a fantastic variation of equipment and materials your disposal the only limit to building in Terraria is your imagination!

What has Minecraft got going for it?

The simple visuals hide the depths of Minecraft’s construction variations. Building a simple multi story hotel or cathedral compared to building a fully functioning crop harvesting ecosystem you begin to realise where Minecraft’s billion dollar value has been attained!

Minecraft Mods

Community plugins and mods have also played a huge part in the games rise to fame and greatly expands on the vanilla experience.

In Minecraft, the challenge is completely player made. It never tells you what you should be doing i.e how to lure spiders or zombies into traps so you can kill them. It runs on the basis of making the player use their ingenuity, making the player completely responsible for their actions.

Minecraft sets some basic rules and gives the player the chance to learn and explore on their own.

So what has Terraria got going for it?

Terraria is more structured however and has a hidden story-line that players need to discover on their own.

Yes, Minecraft has a small story as well with the Nether-world, but that considered more of an afterthought.

You only have to watch a few minutes of game play of Terraria to notice a lot of similarities between the two open world sandbox games but they couldn’t be more different in my opinion.

The biggest differences between Terraria and Minecraft…

One of the main differences I have spotted is the larger list of tools and weapons within the game.

Terraria has a wider variation of resource gathering compared to Minecraft. For example there are more pick-axe tiers in Terraria because there are more types of ore. This is because there are a lot more crafting recipes in the base game.

Terraria Nintendo Switch Version
Terraria Nintendo Switch Version

Although you can expand the recipe list in Minecraft via mods and plugins, if you compare the two standard games together Terraria offers more in the standard version which is available across all platforms including PC, PS4, XBOX and Nintendo Switch.

This is not the case in Minecraft as you can only really change the game with mods on PC. The console versions are more limited and offer fewer crafting options.

Armour is a necessity in Terraria

In Minecraft high quality armour is helpful where as in Terraria it is necessary for survival this is because Terraria has more focus on combat. This is because mobs spawn more often and there are also a lot more world bosses which you will need to defeat in order to progress the game, unlock new loot and obtain boss weapons and materials.

In Minecraft, combat is secondary due to the heavy focus on building within the game.

Terraria Armor

There are far fewer mobs and bosses that you will encounter and you can even switch them off if you choose sandbox mode.

Although these games appear very similar on the surface they are very different when you get down to the core foundation.

Minecraft is often seen as more of a relaxed child friendly building simulation whereas Terraria offers more of an adventure based crafting simulator.


Terraria is a character journey that will keep you coming back for more.

Unlike Minecraft you are able to continually upgrade and see your character change over the hours you play. You can upgrade your health, get unique boss weapons and defend your village against surprise boss attacks and raining jellies.

It’s great to play both solo and with your friends as you can join forces and explore the caves, dungeons and jungles that are spread across the map.

All your progress and adventures can be saved on your very own private Terraria server if you set your very own dedicated world up. See “How to choose a Terraria Server Hosting Company” for more information.

Minecraft however is more focused on building and exploring your inner creativity. Yes, it does have some elements of adventure but very few players actually even play it for the adventure as it’s not very in depth and can be done in under an hour.

Both games are fantastic in their own merit but if you’re looking for a sandbox game that is a little more mature and offers a more expansive adventure with crafting elements I would always suggest Terraria over Minecraft.